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Snacks On A Mission

"As the founder of Snackables, my ultimate goal is to bring greater awareness to society of how to better support the Black community through employment and resources. I hope to see more doors opening as society realizes we can’t be a community when we shut others out."


As featured in weDstill


Susanna King- Founder

Our Commitment


We source and provide the best produce so you can live your best life.


Let's put an end to the vicious cycle of youth incarceration.

Customer Testimonials

Worth it!

"I am so happy we incorporated Snackables into a school nutrition program. The students are so happy with the variety, and definitely huge fans of the fruit box. With Snackables, I don't have to think twice to ensure my students are being filled with nutritious foods. Thank you Snackables!"


Simply delicious! Easy snacks for me and my family!

"Snackables has been an incredible time saver."

- Vanessa

The best choice for fuelling your events

"Snackables was a hit with our run club. The energy balls are incredible!"

- John

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